Travel Etiquette: Top 10 Travel Etiquette Rules to Follow

You’ve just buckled in for a flight, prepared to spend the next few hours in the company of fellow travelers. With fingers crossed, you hope everyone around you has remembered to bring along their best travel manners. Unfortunately, social media is filled with horror stories about inconsiderate seatmates. To address these issues, we conducted a poll to identify the top flying faux pas that irritate travelers the most. Here are the results, ranked by votes, to help you avoid these common mistakes!

1. Seat Kicking and Bumping

One of the most aggravating behaviors is having your seat kicked repeatedly. While the occasional bump is understandable, constant kicking is a major annoyance. Be mindful when using the seatback tray, and avoid grabbing the seat in front of you when getting up. Most importantly, keep your feet off the back of the seat in front of you.

2. Noisy Electronics Without Earphones

We all enjoy watching videos on our devices, but remember to use earphones. If you forget them, mute your device. No one wants to hear your TikToks or Instagram stories if they can’t see them too. Good travel manners means thinking of others!

3. In-Seat Grooming

Grooming, such as filing nails or brushing hair, should be avoided in your seat. Complete your beauty routines before boarding or use the restroom for a quick touch-up if necessary.

4. Overpowering Fragrances

Strong scents, whether from personal hygiene products or perfumes, can be overwhelming in the confined space of an airplane. Save applying fragrances for when you’ve landed.

5. Smelly Food

Bringing pungent food on board can be unpleasant for those around you. Some meals are better enjoyed at home or in a restaurant rather than in the shared air of an airplane.

6. Feet Placement

Keep your feet on the floor and inside your shoes. Avoid placing them on armrests, seats, or anywhere near fellow passengers. This basic courtesy goes a long way in maintaining a comfortable environment.

7. Armrest Hogging

Be considerate of armrest sharing, especially if you’re in the middle seat. A respectful approach to sharing the space makes the flight more pleasant for everyone.

8. Window Shade Etiquette

Balancing your desire to enjoy the view with the comfort of those around you is key. On overnight flights or when your neighbor is sleeping, limit the time the window shade is open.

9. Excessive Talking

Friendly conversations are great, but be mindful of your volume. Not everyone wants to hear your chat, so keep your voice down to a level that doesn’t disturb others.

10. Exiting the Plane

When the plane lands, follow the proper etiquette of deplaning row by row. This orderly process ensures a smooth exit for everyone without unnecessary blockages.

By being aware of these common in-flight faux pas and making a conscious effort to avoid them, you can help create a more pleasant experience for yourself and your fellow travelers. Happy flying!