The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette’s Children & Teen Course covers a variety of topic areas, taught by Myka Meier and guest experts.  The content areas are:

Children’s Program

  • Greeting adults and superiors with respect
  • Dining etiquette / How to set the table
  • How to behave at a dining table (restaurants and private homes)
  • Making friends
  • Developing social skills, confidence and good communication
  • Dress and grooming 101
  • Positive body language and eye contact

Teen Program

  • Etiquette introduction: Respect, Consideration & Kindness
  • Dining etiquette
  • Personal appearance: Dressing & grooming
  • Introductions and handshakes: Greeting adults and superiors
  • Sitting, standing and walking like a lady/gentleman
  • Walking correctly in heels
  • Confidence and self-esteem through etiquette
  • Conversation etiquette
  • Poised posture instruction
  • Getting in and out of cars properly
  • Social Media, email and phone etiquette
  • Social events etiquette: etiquette at weddings, parties and beyond
  • Dress codes: Formal, semi-formal, cocktail and casual
  • Body Language
  • Getting in and out of cars properly
  • Eye contact
  • Dating Etiquette

If you have questions about the topics covered in The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program, please email