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As all of our courses are private, one-to-one instruction, we simply ask that you send us your preferred date to take the course and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please email your availability to to book.


Day Course Timings and Details:

  • 10:00am – 2pm (Central Manhattan Location)
  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)
  • $875 (individual course cost)
  • Course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and a formal lunch over a dining etiquette tutorial.
  • ★ You may add a second person for an additional $550

  • For longer private courses, such as our 2 or 3 day intensive programs, please email for details and pricing



Short Course Timings and Details:

  • 12:00pm – 2pm (Central Manhattan Location)
  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)
  • $675 (individual course cost)
  • One-to-one instruction session excluding lunch
  • ★ You may add a second person for an additional $425



Short Course Timings and Details:

  • One hour session (Central Manhattan location)
  • May only be used once per client
  • Available only Monday – Friday (Pending availability)
  • $275 (individual course cost)
  • Available for individuals only, excluding lunch

A one hour session with an etiquette consultant, inviting individuals to ask all of their most burning questions on any etiquette topic.


Popular Courses Include:

Social Graces Etiquette

    *Customizable for both men & women

  • Dining etiquette
  • Image consultancy, including style & beauty
  • Elegant Social skills
  • Graceful movements: sitting, standing and walking
  • How to gain confidence in any social situation
  • Conversation etiquette at social events
  • Mastering effective eye contact and body language
  • Posture instruction: Poised and polished to perfection
  • Social graces – Do’s and don’ts of society
  • Social media & email and phone manners
  • Master social networking
  • Dating etiquette
  • Hosting 101 – How to be the perfect host(ess) or guest in any situation
  • Social events etiquette: etiquette at weddings, showers and beyond
  • Sophisticated verbiage
  • How to walk properly in heels
  • Getting in and out of cars correctly
  • Dress codes: From black tie to casual
  • How to deal with bad manners

The Duchess Effect

Emulate the style, poise and grace of one of the world’s most famous women

  • Royal etiquette
  • British & American dining etiquette
  • Social Graces – Do’s and don’ts of a royal catch
  • Princess poise – perfect posture and deportment instruction
  • Tea, coffee and cocktail etiquette
  • Get the look – fashion, image and style tips
  • Master social networking
  • Making an entrance – Learn to gracefully walk, talk through any situation
  • Hostess 101 – How to be the perfect hostess in any situation
  • Getting in and out of cars correctly
  • Develop confidence and strong communications skills

Wedding Etiquette

  • Wedding day timeline – Achieving the perfect day
  • Cocktail etiquette
  • Dining etiquette
  • Toasting – How to make the perfect toast
  • Speech 101 – Getting the speech of your life right
  • Wedding day do’s and dont’s
  • Dress to impress – Finding the perfect dress
  • Precedence – Seating and table plans
  • Paper perfect – Invitations, save the dates and thank you cards
  • Thinking of your guests – What they expect / gift registry etiquette
  • Optional dance classes with your partner (added fee)
  • Optional dress / tux / suit and tailor appointments (added fee)


  • Dining etiquette
  • Modern Chivalry
  • Make a statement – Introductions, handshakes and first impressions
  • Develop confidence and strong communications skills
  • A gentleman’s body language
  • General gentlemanly manners
  • Coffee break and cocktail party etiquette
  • Do’s & don’ts of dating
  • Grooming & dressing to perfection
  • Giving the perfect toast

Mock Dating - The Art of Dating (Day Course)

  • Mock lunch date
  • Date prep – leading up to the big date
  • Dining etiquette
  • Conversation tips and tricks for dating
  • Creating the right first and last impressions
  • Body language reading; what it says about you / your date
  • Image and dress assessment
  • Develop confidence and strong communications skills
  • Follow up
  • Social media dating etiquette

Dancing Etiquette (Short Course)

  • Work with a professional dance instructor for a 45 minute “Intro to Classic Dance” course, including a private lesson covering the Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa and Merengue
  • What to wear to dance: From formal to casual
  • Understand the proper etiquette behind classic dance instruction
  • Learn the history of classic dance and how it’s relevant today

Formal Afternoon Tea Instruction (Short Course)

  • Tea for two
  • Enjoy learning about the age-old British tradition of tea etiquette and social do’s and don’ts over a delicious setting of tea, sand-wiches and cakes
  • Learn the history of afternoon tea
  • How to drink tea and hold a tea cup properly
  • Learn & taste the difference between teas such as black and green
  • How to host a tea party
  • Dressing for formal afternoon tea
  • Become perfectly poised and polished and feel ready for your next invitation to tea for two!
  • Formal tea booking at The Plaza Hotel
  • ★ additional cost

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