Online Courses

We are pleased to launch the first set of videos in our new ‘learning at home’ series. Each short but informative tutorial video focuses on a particular topic and is led by one of The English Manner or Beaumont Etiquette’s tutors. Now you don’t just have to attend one of our courses in the UK, USA, China, India or elsewhere in the world – you can begin learning in etiquette, manners and civility from the comfort of your own home. The videos are available to buy or rent individually or in collections. Beaumont Etiquette is committed to making its website accessible to all its users. These videos are closed-captioned. We welcome feedback by email to


The Complete Tutorial

This package gives you access to the entire collection of video tutorials produced in 2016 and 2018. It includes the full Interpersonal Skills collection, Posture & Appearance collection, Dining Etiquette collection and Tricky Foods video. Available to buy or rent now. [Please note that this does not include the children’s etiquette video.]

Children’s Etiquette

Over twenty minutes of informative video designed for parents to enjoy with their children and learn good manners and best behavior. The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette’s top tutors, aided by students James and Charlotte, will show how to meet new friends, make eye contact, help set the table, eat correctly with a knife and fork, dress appropriately and know the difference between indoor and outdoor voices.

Interpersonal Skills collection

Learn from all six videos in our interpersonal skills collection. You’ll see how to have the perfect handshake, introduce yourself and others, understand the cultural differences with social kissing, move in and out of a group, include bystanders and strangers, as well as start a conversation without offending anyone.

Dining Etiquette collection

This collection of videos will help your polish your table manners for social and business events. Learn how to navigate British and American place settings, where to set your napkin, how to make and receive toasts, pass the port, and much more. [Please note that this does not include the 20 minute How to Eat Tricky Foods video.]

How To Eat Tricky Foods

William Hanson and Diana Mather from The English Manner and Myka Meier from Beaumont Etiquette demonstrate how to tackle a variety of tricky foods. During this 20+ minute video tutorial you will learn how to politely eat asparagus, burgers, globe artichokes, bread rolls, toast, muffins, scones, peas, soups, cheese, salads, spaghetti, shared food, shrimp, mussels, oysters and sushi, as well as how to correctly use a finger bowl.

Posture and Appearance collection

Learn from all seven videos in our posture and presence collection. You’ll learn why we need to worry about deportment, how to walk elegantly, how to modestly enter and exit a car, how to sit, stand and read the most frequently seen body language signals. Plus, be prepared as to how to greet The Queen or a member of the royal family with our video on bowing and curtseying.