About Us

Beaumont Etiquette was founded in Kensington, London, just steps away from many historic British Royal Palaces and residences. Brought to New York by Founder Myka Meier, Beaumont Etiquette offers businesses and individuals, both kids and adults, inspiring courses in British, Continental European and American etiquette. Our contemporary approach of exciting and interactive programs was designed to meet the etiquette needs relevant in today’s society.

With offices in both New York and California, Beaumont Etiquette’s trainers educate consumers and companies on the expansive world of dining, social graces and corporate protocol. In keeping with the respected traditions created centuries ago, Beaumont Etiquette adds a modern spin, instructing in an empowering and unstuffy manner to instill confidence and break down cultural barriers. From dining etiquette to social polishing and business protocol to cross-cultural training for large companies, Beaumont Etiquette has a course for every need.

Beaumont Etiquette is the official etiquette partner of The Plaza Hotel, launching The Plaza Finishing Program for adults, teens and children in 2016, with courses running to date. In 2018 Beaumont Etiquette was named the official etiquette partner of Downton Abbey: The Exhibition.

Beaumont Etiquette is thrilled to be named one of the Leading Protocol and Etiquette Schools of the World, and partner with some of the world’s leading companies in etiquette, hospitality and protocol. To learn more about Our Partners, click here.