Children’s Online Course

Welcome to Beaumont Etiquette’s Online Children’s Course! This pre-recorded lesson is taught by two-time best selling etiquette author Myka Meier, featuring her six year old daughter Valentina! This course is intended to instill confidence in many areas from how to hold silverware correctly to how to introduce yourself to adults and many other useful dining and social skills. This course is recommended for all genders, ages 5-9 years old, and can be watched as a family or for children on their own. 


  • 1 pre-recorded instructional video taught by Myka Meier, featuring her daughter, six year old Valentina 
  • The children’s course is 39 minutes in length with the ability to pause, rewind and rewatch. 
  • Two weeks of unlimited access to watch from the date of enrollment.
  • BONUS: At the end of the course there is a learning portion specifically for adults where Myka teaches YOU how to teach etiquette and good manners at home! With both the children’s course and the bonus portion, the video is 47 minutes in length in total 


  • The meaning of etiquette, good manners and why it matters
  • Dining etiquette: In addition to a review of general table manners, learn skills ranging from how to navigate a place setting to how to hold cutlery and glassware correctly
  • Posture, positive body language and why it matters 
  • Polite greetings and introductions
  • Meeting and greeting adults 
  • Conversation, social skills and more!
  • *Captions available

*This video is copyright protected and may not be sold, copied or shared. ©2022 Beaumont Etiquette, LLC

Course Investment: $74.99

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