Service Staff Etiquette Courses

Whether it be for a private home or a large restaurant, Beaumont Etiquette offers discreet training for the most discerning clientele. Training is either private, one to one training, or an etiquette instructor paired with your group. For pricing on one of the below courses, please email

Domestic Staff Training

Our team of domestic trainers will instruct your home’s staff, including household manager, housecleaner, housekeeper, laundry specialist, kitchen team and butlers, on a variety of household tasks. Instruction can include, but is not limited to household cleaning and management, proper care and handling of crystal, porcelain, silver and other antiquities, clothing care and ironing, how to make a bed, how to iron and fold sheets, closet and pantry organization, household inventory and dining and hosting service etiquette.

Nanny Training

Ensure your nanny is passing down the correct etiquette instruction to your little ones while in their care. Train household staff including child caretakers on proper social and dining etiquette.

Hotel Staff Training

Enroll your staff into our hospitality protocol and service etiquette training program, which covers the finest of details to leave your team polished to perfection.

Restaurant and Wait Staff Training

From private home staff to wait and bar staff at fine dining establishments, your employees will learn how to properly serve formal meals, work on customer service skills and sharpen every detail to create the most outstanding 5 star dining experience.