Dining Etiquette Basics

You can now enjoy a complete dining etiquette tutorial taught by Myka Meier! This dining etiquette course focuses on Western dining, specifically American and Continental dining.


  • 1 pre-recorded instructional video taught by Myka Meier.
  • 1 hour and 5 minutes in length with the ability to pause, rewind and rewatch.*
  • Two weeks of unlimited access to rent and watch from the date of enrollment.
  • Please note this is the same dining etiquette tutorial video also included in the Online Finishing Program; If you subscribe to the OFP, you will already receive access to this Dinging Etiquette Course

*These videos are closed-captioned. Beaumont Etiquette is committed to making its website accessible to all its users.


  • General dining manners, from casual to formal
  • Dining and table setting tips
  • How to hold cutlery correctly
  • How to navigate a formal place setting
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Elegant eating tips
  • How to hold tea, coffee and wine glasses correctly
  • Soup, dessert and bread etiquette
  • American and Continental dining differences…and much more!
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