THE PLAZA, NEW YORK Myka Meier Finishing Program

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Myka Meier Finishing Program

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April 29th, 2023: 10am-2pm 

The Royal Experience 


With the Royal Coronation taking place this spring, brush up on your royal etiquette and fully immerse yourself in a royally-themed lifestyle course! A unique intro into the wonderful world of royals, from grooming and making an entrance, to fashion and feeling poised to regal perfection, this exciting course covers it all. Trained under a former member of staff for the Royal household, Myka will share the most coveted ROYALLY INSPIRED TIPS you can incorporate into your every day life!

Some course topics will include:

  • Social Graces – Do’s and don’ts of a royal catch
  • How to take the perfect photo (and practice walking a red carpet!)
  • Regal poise – learn to have perfect posture and deportment instruction
  • Tiara try on: Get a royal makeover with a royal themed accessory styling station
  • Tea, coffee, and dining etiquette basics
  • Get the look – Royally themed fashion, image, and style tips
  • Master networking like a
  • Making an entrance – Learn to gracefully walk and talk through any situation
  • Style and grooming inspired by members of various royal families
  • What to expect at the Royal Coronation

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April 29th, 2023: 2pm-4pm 

Myka’s Masterclass: Social, Dining and Business Etiquette 


As society continues to evolve, so do modern etiquette practices, and in 2023 there are more new etiquette rules than ever! Join Myka in learning how to best navigate the world of modern etiquette: from dining and social situations to business and networking, and everything in between. The Myka Meier Finishing Program makes modern etiquette easy, approachable, and fun, with tips and tricks to navigate daily life with confidence and ease. In Meier’s first Masterclass program, learn modern topics never taught in New York before!

Some course topics will include:

  • New Etiquette rules post covid
  • Pronoun Etiquette
  • How to look instantly put together in 3 simple steps
  • Meetings, Greetings, and Introductions
  • 5 power plays in business you can start using today
  • Tech Etiquette Standards in 2023: Email, Zoom, Text and Phone etiquette
  • Dining at a restaurant vs. in a private home
  • Negotiation tactics you can use in everyday life
  • Most common dining faux-pas and how to prevent them
  • Giving the perfect toast
  • How to meet anyone with these line openers
  • Become a master networker